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Nurturing Minds is a one of a kind organization based in Mumbai headed by Bharati K Trivedi. We develop and enhance different facets of an individualacross age groups thus reaching out to the society at various levels.

Our main aim is ‘Nurturing the Society’. We strongly believe that a Happy Couple + Happy Child = Happy Family = Happy Society. Through our varied programs we aim to empower and spread happiness amongst individuals, families, communities and societies to lead a more fulfilling, creative and satisfying life.

We work with corporates, schools, individuals, children and NGOs through one on one meetings or workshops, meetings, camps etc. Our seven main areas of expertise include:

  • Psychological Counseling and Assessment
  • Career Guidance
  • Psychological and Psychometric Testing
  • Sexuality Awareness and Safety Programs
  • Handwriting Analysis, Improvement and Training
  • Logo Design & Graphology Analysis for corporates and professionals
  • Special Workshops on addictions, cyber hygiene and safety, study skills, handwriting improvement etc

Our core team at Nurturing Minds believes that ‘Innovation is key; but it is proper execution that makes the difference’. Our team is made up of experienced experts in each area who meet the needs of children, adolescents and adults with great care and sensitivity in order for them to have well rounded personalities.

Nurturing Minds has also forayed into altruistic endeavors through its charitable trust- NMCT. The Trust is an integral part of our social responsibility.

Based out of Tardeo, Borivali in Mumbai, Panchgani and Goa our diverse activities ensure that we cater to people from all age groups and all walks of life.

We are here to make a difference.

  • Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust :

    Our Charter mandates the essential purposes (amongst others) of the Trust as under:

    • Relief of the Poor, Education, Medical Relief and Advancement of any other object of general public utility and service not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit.
    • For the purposes of the objects as mentioned in (i) above from time to time enter into agreements/arrangements (not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit) with corporates, companies, institutions, associations and other legal entities in order to participate in and be a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives and activities of such corporates, companies, institutions, associations and other legal entities.

    In terms of the above chartered purposes, we also undertake CSR initiatives for Corporates.

Bharati K Trivedi – Founder and Head, Nurturing Minds

A multi-faceted persona with strong entrepreneurial instincts, a thirst for knowledge and the impetus to give back to the society much more than what she takes.

Meet Bharati K Trivedi, a consultant child and adult psychologist, career counselor; practicing graphologist, signature and logo analyst; personal counselor and psychotherapist (REBT & CBT practitioner) and a consultant for Sex Awareness and other similar programs for pre-teens and teens.

She has been associated with schools, corporate houses, business houses, MNC's, professionals, NGOs and other institutions with regard to her areas of practice. A large number of students, professionals and businesses have benefited through her advice.

She set up Nurturing Minds in 2012 with a goal to enhance, develop, educate and enlighten professionals, individuals, young adults and children by reaching out at various levels.

Bharati has schooled in St. Josephs Convent, Panchgani and post her graduation, has done a PG Diploma in Child, Adult Psychology and Career Counseling from Jnana Prabhodhini, Pune and has trained in Graphology from Mr. Patel from London. She has been practicing graphology since 1984. She has also undertaken certificate courses in logo analysis, drawing analysis, colour therapy, REBT from Dr. Minu Bhosle and Debbie Joffe Ellis ( Wife of Dr. Albert Ellis) and CBT from Dr. Shishir Palsapur.

Certified Global Career Counsellor by University of California. Los Angeles Extention and Green Belt Certified Career Counsellor by University Singapore.

She is also a trained handwriting expert certified by Jan Olsen of the world renowned Handwriting Without Tears® program.

Now she has taken up the run for dissolving the stigma against sexuality and has started her movement called Kavach – A Movement that works towards awareness for hygiene and sexuality amongst young adults.


Dr. Mita Parikh

Dr. Mita Parikh is a Senior Occupational Therapist who has been practicing in the field for the past 25 years. She has completed her degree from GS Medical College. She has worked in various institutes such as SPJ, Sadhana school, Datar Institute. She has experience in handling children with special needs, ADHD, ASD, learning disabilities and slow learners. She is trained under the international program Handwriting Without Tears, and holds an international certificate for handwriting remediation and analysis. She is currently working in the Learning Curve, Center for Children with Special Needs. She also worked in an NGO by Pratham Organization.

Meena Naik

Ms Meena Naik is a social activist in the fields of health, child welfare and women’s empowerment with the use of theatre techniques and traditional and modern puppetry. She is a trained and accomplished actor on stage, TV and films, and a highly trained puppeteer with exposure to all modern international movements in her chosen fields. She has contributed immensely to the promotion of puppetry from 1974. Ms Naik is the pioneer in India in starting a University course in puppetry in India and heads Mumbai University’s department from 2012.

Ms Naik works on social and health issues like AIDS awareness, care of the mentally and physically challenged, sex workers rehabilitation, environment preservation, Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan, child sexual abuse, wildlife preservation, child trafficking, palliative care, educating slow learners and more. She has worked with hospitals and municipal corporations in the fields of leptospirosis and other epidemics. She has officially represented India in international events, workshops, festivals, conferences and seminars. She has written research papers and books on the above subjects and has been honoured by international and Indian institutions like Mumbai University, Doordarshan, Apna Utsav, Censor Board, UNIMA, ASSITEJ, Prasar Bharati and Bal Bhavan.

Ms Naik is the author of A Handbook of Puppetry published by the National Book Trust in English and Hindi

Kiran Kalway

Mrs. Kalway is a Consultant and trainer for the reproductive system and sexual Health. She has completed her MA in Applied Psychology with specialization in guidance and counseling. She has been working from 1978 till date, i.e. 40 plus years of experience in the field of Reproductive and Sexual health as an Educator, trainer, Manager and Counselor. She has also been trained on AIDS, Family Planning, Women development, Youth and Reproductive Health, Counselling, etc. from WHO, IPPF and CEDPA, USA. She has been awarded various prizes as best Counselor by FPAI and the best story writer from CARE International.

Mrs. Kalway has published books on Youth Health, Marriage enrichment program, Sickle cell and Anemia.


Aparna Varma

An enthusiast for Social work, Aparna is a Philosophy Graduate and is an assistant to everyone at Kavach- A Movement. Her interests including Sustainable living, Minimalism, Buddhism, and gardening. She holds a diploma in Bharatanatyam and has completed courses on Child psychology, Sexuality Awareness etc. Currently she is Training under Bharati Trivedi to master Handwriting and logo analysis.

Aparna is passionate about aesthetics and street photography. She writes sometimes and aspires to have a minimal lifestyle, a magazine column and a secret garden for her to read a book.

With Kavach she is armouring herself to be bolder, more confident and more efficient under the impeccable guidance of Ms. Bharati Trivedi, Ms. Kiran Kalway and Ms. Meena Naik.