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Graphology & Logo Design

An ancient Chinese art, graphology is a scientific tool which combines data and personalized creative skills to interpret the sub-conscious mind of an individual from his/her handwriting.

At Nurturing Minds, we use graphology techniques to meet corporate, individual and professional needs.

Handwriting is ‘Brain Writing’ and reflects our happiness, our anger, our excitement and most importantly our sub conscious mind.

  • Graphology Defined

    Every individual has a distinctive writing style. Handwriting is a part of our personality and symbolizes who we are. While the style might remain the same, the pen pressure, slant and size of our handwriting will change from time to time, just as our mental make up and personality changes over the years. For e.g. one’s handwriting as a child and as an adult greatly differs. As a child you are curious and learning new skills, as an adult one is more confident and have set opinions on most things.

    As graphologists we study the imprint of one’s personality and can discover the mental state or the essence of the writer at the time of writing. Graphology is a powerful tool which not only provides clues as to why people behave as they do but handwriting remediation can transform the way you live your life for the better.

    It can be used for marriage compatibility, marriage counseling, behavioral counseling, career counseling, human resource recruitment, assessments and appraisals.

  • Advantages of Why analyse handwriting?
    • It does not involve testing or complicated questionnaires - for candidates it is non-threatening and non-intrusive.
    • Handwriting cannot be easily disguised or manipulated to give a false impression.
    • The writing can be produced at a time and place to suit the writer and is not usually affected by nervousness (as speech may be).
    • A handwritten document is permanent and can be re-examined later.
    • Handwriting analysis is objective - based entirely on a sample of handwriting. It is not influenced or prejudiced by physical factors such as appearance, age, sex, social class, race, colour etc.
    • Handwriting reveals inner conflicts and tension hidden below the surface.
    • Graphology can determine attitudes and other important factors that can affect social and working relationships.
    • It is easy to administer and involves very little time, effort or paperworkAt work it aids efficiency by helping managers select and place people where skills and personal qualities can be fully utilized and developed.

Logo Analysis

Create lasting impact with a dynamic logo.

Your logo is your company face, your visual identity to the world. It denotes what you stand for and reflects your personality, values and principles.

So while it should be a strong design and aesthetically pleasing, having just any logo however is not enough to create a brand identity for you. Your logo has to have meaning; it has to present something specific and unique, it has to carry a part of ‘you’ to the consumer.

We provide Unique Logo Interpretations and Creations

Nurturing Minds is all about enriching and enhancing your business and hence we use a unique combination of graphology, colour analysis and drawing analysis to design not just an aesthetic but an analytical logo that will work for your business. Our logos are designed with the idea of enhancing inter personal relationships between the employer, employee and customer and an aim to maximize brand recall and business.

Businesses are dynamic and hence logos cannot remain stagnant. Sometimes brands change their focus; sometimes they need a fresh start. Also, a logo redesign may be needed to meet changing times, where an outdated design is modernized. What is important is that your logo just like your business can evolve down the road to reflect your growth or send you off in a new direction.

  • Analyze your business needs.
  • Conceptualize your ideas into design.
  • Restructure or Redesign an existing logo.