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Sexuality Awareness & Safety Programs

We carry out several sexuality awareness and safety programs in schools and NGOs for the age groups of 3 years to 18 years plus.

In such programs we cover the following:

  • Good touch Bad touch
  • Sexual abuse - facts, preventive measures, awareness
  • Good hygiene for boys and girls
  • Changes at adolescence in boys and girls
  • Sexual and reproductive anatomy and physiology
  • Menstruation and pre menstruation
  • Various addictions to drugs, smoking, alcohol and screen time

  • It’s Mine not Yours Age: 2-5 years

    The Good Touch Bad Touch program is a unique program that will give children an insight into what is acceptable and what is not. Helping young children build physical boundaries, and seeking help in times of danger - this program is preventive in nature, and helps build a support system for children.

    A 2 hour interactive sessions, followed by 30 minutes of parent interaction session.

  • Little Women’s Club Age: 9 to 12

    The workshop covers the topic of puberty and safety. It gives girls an idea into the changes that are normal and expected during puberty, making them ready for the same. It helps build a positive attitude towards puberty.

    A 3.5 hours interactive session, followed by 30 minutes of parent-child interactive session

  • Young Men’s Society Age: 10-12

    This workshop is designed for boys preparing them for puberty and what are the changes to expect. This also helps build coping skills to deal with the change.

    A 3.5 hours interactive session, followed by 30 minutes of parent-child interactive session

  • Birds and the Bees Age: 13 to 15

    Sex and Sexuality is one of the most taboo topics in India. Unfortunately, due to easy access to the Internet, and available matter children are exposed to the wrong kind of information at the wrong age. Sex and sexuality needs to be understood from the scientific point of view.

    This workshop gives young people a complete, accurate and age appropriate knowledge of sex and safety. This helps build well informed responsible decision makers.

    This is a 5 hour workshop, followed by a 1 hour combined parent teen session.

  • Addiction - Say no to ‘SADS’- Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs and Screen time Age: 17 and above

    Addiction is an issue with starts with ‘having fun’ and ‘fitting in’ to ‘can’t live without it’. What we strongly believe is when we have an idea of why a particular habit is good or bad, we tend to follow or not follow it.

    The same with addiction, adolescents are not aware of how this affects them. It becomes difficult for them to get rid of a habit because there is a sense of dependence and tolerance that it builds. It becomes a comfort zone for the adolescent mind to run away from peer pressure.

    Through this program we help the youth be aware of:

    • What is addiction?
    • Types of addictions
    • What are the causes of addiction
    • How it affects our physical, mental and social health
    • What to do when faced with peer pressure

    This program is a 3 hour program, which will handle various forms of addictions. We will also provide support group for students who are facing any form of addiction issues

All workshops will discuss not only physical, but also psychological, emotional and social changes one feels at every phase, and how to deal with them and seek help.